Tuesday, 12 November 2013

What If James Cameron Made A 40K Movie?

I present to you the greatest Warhammer 40K movie never made: James Cameron's 'The Catachan'!

This (parody) movie poster was a real labour of love, click to embiggen.

Also, I challenge you dear reader, to spot all the easter eggs. There's approximately a whopping 35no. in total. Happy hunting!

Disclaimer: Original copyright & intelllectual property owned by respective owners, used totally without permission merely in a humourous fashion for the entertainment and amusement of fellow 40k blog readers, etc, etc...

Read on for the solutions...

The Easter Egg List:

01. The entire idea was inspired by the Catachan Captain artwork by Mark Gibbons, from the 2nd edition Imperial Guard Codex.
02. The graphic composition of the poster itself pays homage to the Rambo (2008) movie poster.
03. There's a Tyranicus Chameleo (Lictor) blending in the background.
04. The gun weapon is a modified Railgun from the movie Eraser (1996), with a beefier shoulder protector, aquila, and killcount added.
05. Vox ear-piece is a modified Biotech Cyborg headband from Cloud City's Lobot, from Starwars V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
06. Bionic eye implant from The Terminator (1984).
07. Arnie's head, body and arms, courtesy of an image-captured Dutch Schaefer from Predator (1987).
08. Camo makeup, courtesy of John Matrix from Commando (1985).
09. Forehead scar from original Catachan artwork.
10. Chainsword from 40k cosplayer, source unknown.
11. Catachan Devil 'tooth', from Keith Lemon.
12. Grenades and Catachan 'night reaper' blade, from Commando.
13. Catachan XVIII tattoo, The 'Swamp Rats' regiment, as led by Colonel Gator.
14. Red armband, from Catachan Jungle Fighter model
15. Coloured cabling, inspired from the original Catachan Captain with Powerfist model, in turn inspired by Mark Gibbons artwork. I know someone on the interwebs has converted a model inspired by said artwork, but if GW were to ever release a 'special edition' modern-era Catachan Captain with Powerfist, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
16. Power fist, modified from the Major Alan Dutch Schaefer videogame character from Aliens Vs Predator arcade game (1994). Removed the extra gun element and kept it more like a classic powerfist as a nod to the original artwork and model.
17. Bayonet attachment, from Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) knife.
18. Movie title is from Predator-style Invisible Killer font.
19. James Cameron has made plenty of sci-fi films which should qualify him to do the ultimate 40k movie, notable examples include: Avatar, Aliens, The Terminator, The Abyss, etc, etc.
20. 20th Century fox own the rights to many scifi films, e.g. Aliens & Avatar.
21. Lightstorm entertainment is James Cameron's production company.
22. Codex Pictures Ltd, now dissolved, made the Ultramarines: 40k (2010) movie.
23. Lt. Ripley from Aliens (1986).
24. Captain Willard from Apocalypse Now (1979).
25. Colonel Killgore from Apocalypse Now (1979).
26. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket (1987).
27. Marbo, from Rambo (1982).
28. Alan Silvestri scored Predator (1987).
29. Donald McAlpine was cinematographer for Predator (1987).
30.  Mark Helfrich & John F. Link edited Predator (1987).
31. Jim and John Thomas wrote Predator (1987).
32. A Paul Verhoeven screenplay, for that Starship Trooper / Robocop / Showgirls elements.
33. Mr. Johnson, Chambers, Thorpe and Cruddace, all GW alumni with a hand in producing the various Imperial Guard Codices. Obviously they'd be served with a story credit at least!
34. Many thanks to Mark Gibbons again for the original inspiring artwork. GW's loss is Blizzard's gain!
35. Robert Rodriguez, produced Predators (2010), the third installment of the franchise.

Note 01: All other elements uncredited e.g. jungle background, dogtags, backpack, camo-pattern legs, boots, GW's aquila pattern, winged skull, movie logos, etc, sourced from google images as and where required, all image rights belonging to original owners used totally and flagrantly without permission.

Note 02: See also my other works at my deviantart profile, enjoy and many thanks!

Note 03: Many thanks to Lexicanum's facebook and tumblr sites for featuring said fan-art. The feedback and comments have been ace!


  1. Wow - that relly is a labour of love!

    Next step: make tha model...

  2. They did make a model! I painted one, right here: http://cadian512.blogspot.co.uk/2010/02/get-to-da-choppa.html

    ... Oh wait, you mean a new model, in this exact same Mark Gibbons-pose?

    I'd buy a whole squad of 'em! GW, take my wallet please!

  3. I can hear the voice trailer guy, right now Arnold Schwarzenegger as Colonel Iron Hans Straken, Lou Ferrigno as Gunner Sergeant Stonetooth Harker and Sylvester Stallone as the One Man Army himself Sly Marbo