Sunday, 31 July 2011


Bought myself some Anzac (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) heads from, courtesy of, and am very pleased with my purchase, for you see I fancied making myself 40k-counterparts of the Gurkhas to scour the battlefields of the 41st millennium! (For those not in the know as to the fearsome reputation of the Gurkhas, please see here, here and here).

Monday, 18 July 2011

Clementine Convict Cadres Complete!

A follow-up to my previous post, I’ve finally completed my 3no. squads of Penal Legionnaires. I know Orange uniforms have been an utter b*stard to paint, but am happy with the results despite the slapdash approach, and have had great fun testing them out in small (750 point) games against Tau and Chaos Space Marines.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Prisoners of War

Photo of the test models for my Penal Legion. Am pretty happy with the way they have turned out painting-wise, as it was a slapdash multi-coat affair to get the Orange to work with blackundercoated models. I then applied my standard Cadian Grey pads, armour plating and weapons, washed everything quickly with black ink for a rough n' ready dirty look, then picked out highlights and added in a splash of green for a bit of contrast.

Models-wise I've refurbished old Cadian models I got off Ecstasy Bay (and when I mean refurbish, I mean cut their heads off, apply a headswap then undercoat black), with a bunch of heads-bitz I've bought off loads of bitz sites (e.g. fantasy flagellants, bretonnians, catachan heads, even the c'thulu head from the Alien suns sprue for a bit of 'mutie goodness), resulting in each model having it's own unique look and possible backstory, much like my vet models. All part of the fun!

Still 27 more models to go! Despite applying a quick-n-easy speedy approach to the painting and stopping and spending more time to carefully pick out facial details, it has been quite an uphill struggle (bloody orange) but the results so far have been worth it!