Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What if Games Workshop made Blood Bowl 40K?

"Johann Richter of the Cadian Castellans successfully grabs the Power Sphere! But beware, xenos scum aren't far behind!"

I love WH40k. I love Blood Bowl. How about Blood Bowl 40K?

(and no, I don't mean Mantic's Dreadball smartypants! It's a pity grim and gritty 40k has had all it's humour sucked out of it. Ah well...)

How about some American Football-style team names?

Imperial Guard - The Cadian Castellans!
Space Marines - The Ultramar Saints!
Orks - The Octarius Raiders!
Eldar - The Biel-Tan Broncos!
Dark Eldar - The Commorragh Chargers!
Tau - The D'yanoi Dolphins!
Necrons - The Pavonis Pharoahs!
Tyranids - The Charybdis Kaijus!
Chaos - The Prospero Patriots!

Etc, etc...

More information here, along with usual disclaimers e.g. copyrights & trademarks used completely without permission, yadda, yadda. It's a parody piece of box-set artwork for everyone's amusement, is all...

Also: Please excuse the lack of Squats. They would make a great Blood Bowl 40k team though!
Addendum 08/11/13: Many thanks to Bell of Lost Souls for featuring the photomanip artwork on their facebook photos timeline. Great reading all the comments, feedback & discussion generated, much appreciated - I only wish to brighten up everyone's day with a smile! :)

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