Sunday, 17 November 2013

Thank you GW for the headless baby carrier mecha.

I have been 'reconditioning' a 2nd-hand Grey Knight Dreadknight model I purchased on the Bay of Ecstasy a long time ago, and decided wouldn't it be fun if I would show the not-a-toy to a bunch of kids, just to see what their reaction would be to it?

I found me a willing audience of participants, kids of friends visiting, etc. So that's a 1 year old boy, a 3 year old toddler (boy), a 4 year old girl, and an 8 year old boy. Just the right sort of potential GW-customer that might grow up one day and play with plastic war men-dollies. So I showed them my still-in-progress models on the shelf, like so:

And what was the first thing they said?

"Where's the robot's head?"

They ALL said the same thing (apart from the 1 year old who's too young to articulate such thoughts, no doubt he's thinking the same thing).

They all understood the concept of the pilot-riding-a-robot (thankyew Saturday mornin' cartoons), but if even kids reckon there's summat wrong with the overall design of such a cool robot not-a-toy, maybe it's best GW go back to the drawing board if they want to attract the next generation of customers.

Not like this is anything new I've discovered! (Old News in fact).

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