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Lasgun Conversions - Pimp Your Flashlight! (Image Collection)

Picture heavy-post, read on if you love Imperial Guard lasguns and their many, many conversions!


The 40k plastic lasgun is possibly one of the most versatile pieces of plastic kit in the modeller's toolbox. I present to you a collection of images scoured from the interwebs of what people are doing to this standard issue weaponry, chopping, changing and converting it to something better than itself. The modelling possibilities are endless I tell you!

I've also included reference source images, just so you can judge for yourself how far removed, or how closely related, these conversions can be from their original inspirations.


Shotgun varieties!

While IG shotguns are nowhere near as good stats-wise to SM shotguns, we IG vet players do like 'em! Here's some sample of my favourites:

Semi-automatics. (plastic tubes)
Also featuring a kitbash from Empire Fantasy pistol combined with the lasgun barrel-tip.

Simple pump action las-shotgun conversion.
Use spare lasgun buttstock end converted to form forestock (pump). 
Done this a few times on some of my models meself back in the day!

Chunky Astartes-style pump action shotgun (bolter bits & plasticard)

Oversized mega-pump action shotgun (Fromthewarp)
Chop flamer end-bit and attach to lasgun, Result!

Over-under double-barrel shotgun
AJ's gaming world

Sleek & simple: Over-under double-barrel shotgun. In Red!
Admiral Drax (thank you!)


MSBS 5.56 Polish assault rifle (prototype)

These are modern firearms in which the firing action is located behind the trigger and alongside the shooter's face, making best use of the buttstock, improving maneouvrability & weight. Origins of the term are unclear, but bullpup lasguns = special forces. Very nice! 

True Elysian Bullpup folding stock Lasrifle (Accatran Mark IV) with actual Forgeworld version
Conversion, a 'true' bullpup would thus have it's ammo clip and gun/recoil action housed in buttstock.

False Bullpup - 'Autogun carbine'  - Assault rifle.
Lovely and simple conversion, using bolter ammo clips to replace the power packs.
This version features the use of plasticard and pins, but I prefer the simpler version below.

Silver Demon-award winning conversion from IG miniatures! Very inspiring & godlike!
Congrats to original source whoever you are, you genius you.

Miniature Tim's vets/stormies conversions.
Using Kasrkin (Forgeworld Rebreather) heads, & false bullpup conversions. Lovely.


Make your lasgun more dakka I tell you

Fancy that driveby gangsta flavour? Prefer your plastic homies more Necromunda ganger than Cadian Whiteshield? Here's what you do:

Uzi - by colonel killgore
Similar conversion to bullpup, but use a straight clip.
Also clean out the lasgun body casino to get that shape right.


Beloved by Gretchins and Gangers

Autoguns are supposed to be the 41st millenium version of 20th century 'battlerifles' (semi-automatics), and for gaming purposes are counts as lasguns. Not sure if it's a very popular conversion but very do-able.

Autogun conversion - colonel killgore
Catachan lasgun with bolter ammo clip (and green stuff).


Ak47? Ok!

The world's most popular assault rifle today, make it the people's choice in the far future! Wonder why I don't see more of these on the tabletop?

The simple addition of a shuriken catapult magazine? Simples!
Has transformed this catachan lasgun. Note: Any curved ammo clip would do.


Moar dakka

Supposedly the most widely-produced firearm of it's calibre, some people fancy that triangular 'grip'. Rippled for your dakka pleasure! Quite long, unbalanced and ungainly-looking in it's appearance in 40K though.

A 'counts-as' sniper rifle.
M-16 appearance, with addition of Catachan saw-tooth sword.
And sticking at the end the nib of a Catachan lasgun.

M-4 gyro stabilised Kasrkin 'hellgun'.

Hellguns aka hotshot lasguns, de rigeur of Stormtroopers with AP3, but only STR 3, consigning the resident IG player's 'Marine killers' back into reserves until GW fix them and release them in plastic.

I propose the following quick, and very easy fix:

Step 1: Make Stormtroopers in plastic. Release them as a Veteran/Stormies plastic kit, or an upgrade pack for Cadians, I don't care. I will buy them. GW TAKE MY MONIES.

Step 2: Make them scoring. Either by doctrines, or army 'chapter tactics' or by taking a special HQ unit, like oh I don't know, the COMMISAR LORD? That way we have a reason to buy it, plus GW sell more Comissar Lords. Result.

Step 3: Make Stormtrooper cheaper in points. I have discussed this before, everyone knows it's a problem that Stormtroopers are overpriced. Make them 7 points cheaper than they are now to keep them in-line with Vets. Do it GW DO IT DO IT DO IT


Anyway, onwards to piccies:

Inquisitorial Stormtrooper hellgun conversion, using extra targeter bit.
Add extra plastic bit, smoothed and bored to resemble those Michelin-men soldier guns.

AJ's gaming world - hotshot lasgun, with bolter extra bits and underslung launcher as a bonus!

AJ's gaming world 'lascarbine' - A bit of whittling and voila! A counts as hotshot lasgun.

Not quite a 40k lasgun!
But use a Wargames factory shotgun, add lasgun nib. Looks sorta okay to me.


Long range pew pew

Addendum: Forgot to add a whole section here! The addition of elongated barrels, scopes and some accessories can turn a simple lasgun into a 'longlas', 40k-speak for a Sniper Rifle!

Longlas conversion - Perfect for killing from a distance
Admiral Drax (Thanks again!)


Last but not least are underslung elements. Useless game-wise, but looks cool dunnit?

Underslung, but in metal! METAL

Many thanks for reading, all credits go to original sources, many used without permission.


  1. Wow, what a great post! Its very useful seeing all of these together. A fantastic compilation.

  2. I know! Glad you enjoyed it.

    I wish I had stumbled across a post like this online back in the day, it would've made the ongoing modelling experience so much easier (and fun!) for me with my growing IG army, seeing how there are so many options to customise the lasgun into so many varieties.

  3. This is smashing! I'll have to have a think and see if there's any I can throw into the mix...

    Cheers for taking the time to share some great ideas!

  4. No problem! Can't wait to see what you can come up with, I might add it to this post.

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  6. Terrific Drax! I've added these, many thanks. :)