Monday, 16 April 2012


Boom! Shake the room.

In the latest Tier of the Wotan’s Night campaign, I have found myself at the bottom of the rankings. Do not fear, as I have also received a compensatory bonus of a useful Strategic Asset: Minefields!
In order to give our campaign battles a modicum of flavour and to balance the books a little given that different players are given different bonuses to mix things up (a sentiment that our current ‘Winning’ player, Laur, has vocally disagreed to time and time again. Next campaign will no doubt be managed by him!), these Strategic Assets from the Apocalypse rulebook has been injected into our weekly games of 40K, plenty of which we will now be using in the impending 4th tier.
Having received the Minefields asset, I found myself wondering how to represent this on the board?

Monday, 9 April 2012

Wotan’s Night Campaign –Third Tier Report

The third Tier of our campaign has commenced, and the 3 of us have progressed on nicely playing the mission and deployment type: Seize Ground & Pitched Battle.
The games were now ramped up to 1250 points, with any Veterans from the previous battles surviving and bringing their battlecraft experience to the next part of the tier, “Assault on Ice Station Zebrox”

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

And I'll Form...The HEAD!

Don't you just love Dreadknights? They remind me of 80's anime-icon robot, Voltron, sans head.

Knock that baby-carrier all you want, but I'm a big fan of the excessive metal that is the Grey Knight Monstrous Creature. Exxxxxtreme is what I want with a Matt Ward'd GK army, and this model positively oozes with it. Shame about the pose limitations though.