Monday, 25 November 2013

CONCEPT ARTWORK - Once You Heresy You Cannot UnHeresy

You lucky readers, I bring you the original full-sized version of the smuggled concept artwork I snuck out from the GW Design Studio, including handy memos which might've been too small to read...

(or am I presenting to you all photomanip fan parody artwork that might be too hot to handle?...)

Click to embiggen! You were warned!

Many thanks to the Bell of Lost Souls team for featuring said artwork on the main page ('Collect 'Em ALL! Who's Your Favorite?') as well as their facebook photo timeline amongst other things, a massive honour. I've always wanted to get a shout-out on BoLs, so one of my life goals achieved!

Also click on my deviantart profile for the original-sized version of the artwork (re-sized so you can read the enclosed internal memos) and also for more information, if you're curious as to how the idea came about especially on the subconscious thought processes involved.

Disclaimer: All graphic likenesses and copyrights held by original owners, used flagrantly without permission for the sake of satirical parody, no intent to profit from the use of such copyright, etc, etc.

1 comment:

  1. I don't really visit BoLS any more, so this is news to me...

    ...oh, and I just wet myself a little too.

    Nice use of 'embiggen' - a favourite of mine.