Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Artwork: A Gentleman's Ones

Pop down over to B.Smoove's blog, "A Gentleman's Ones" for the results of the banner contest. Well done to the winner, Karitas of Excommunicate Traitoris!

Here were my submitted entries, riffing on the eternally gentlemanly theme of wargaming, top hats, and gruesome brutality!

"I say!"

"Bloody good show, what!"

Note: All illustration work here is fan art which is completely unofficial andi n no way endorsed by Games Workshop Ltd.


  1. I love that first entry. It is a classic. I would have had a hard time choosing between that one and the Karitas entry. Yours is the essence of a fine ol' gentlemen; whereas his was capture BS Moove's armies.

  2. Thanks Magilla!

    The 'gentlemanly' concept was the one I ran with, with the top-hatted rascals taken from an archaic French men's fashion catalogue of the early 20th century, and the 2 gentlemen 'playing a game' were from an old photograph of a fraternity get-together, again turn of the century.

    I modified an image of a table with an actual desaturated and pixellated shot of a games table at a games convention, picked an appropriate font and dice, and added in a James Gillray-style word balloon to emphasise that antiquated feel. Voila!

  3. Absolute beauties. Thank you very, very much. You spoil me.

    I'll be changing the banner from one week to the next as the gumption moves me. It'd be a shame to squander these, and both entries will be making an appearance as my proper banner; so please be sure to stop by and say hello when you spot them.

    Thank you again. Absolute legend.