Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Grey Knights – 2nd Wave

The process of ‘reconditioning’ my ever-growing Grey Knight models, rescued from the Bay of Ecstasy, continues...

Despite the Grey Knights bringing a new, hardened level of balance to the metagame (e.g. older 4th ed. codices being balanced at 1500 points, the newer 5th ed. codices ar 2k), there have been plenty of players, *possibly bandwagon-hoppers*, who adopted the mantle of the Grey Knights then quickly abandoned them when it didn’t suit their playstyle (24” shooting only ftw?). It is from this pool that I have reaped the benefits from, gobbling up their 3-colour minimum painted models with the aim of lovingly restoring them to a Grey Knight army that one can be proud of.
Which is why I chose to re-paint them all white, a colour that along with red, and yellow, is hard to pull off without a significant amount of effort dedicated to it.
Here’s an example of what I mean.

This poor bugger had gobs of boltgun metal slapped onto him, some white, some red paint and a bit of shining gold. But look at him now!

New paint scheme and psycannons at the ready, this fella’s ready to unleash the dakka dakka and make me roll more buckets of dice than Ork shootin!* (actual quote attributed to me by Dougie of Wednesday Night Gaming).

Likewise I have been turning my attention to my Grey Knights character models, here’s my Justicar Thawn.

This was a simple headswap & kitbash (?) using spare Dark Angel terminator legs and a Dark Angel head I happened to have. I wanted to go for a more dynamic sort of pose, so I angled the halberd downwards to make it appear that Thawn is in ‘mid-swing’. Despite my heavy-handed amateur painting style and flash-photography not being  flattering to my miniatures, I’m quite pleased with the admittedly ‘better than average table-top appearance’ result. I’m no golden demon winner, nor will I ever be able to achieve ‘Pro-Painted’ status (whatever that is), but it’s results like Thawn here, and my Venerable Dreadnought model above, which make me feel that going with the White paint scheme is well worth sticking to.
I also managed to finish off my Grandmaster Mordrak, check him out!

Double-handed hammer made from halberd swap, check! Halo for hammer, made from warding staff, check! Halo for model as per before, check! Skull shoulder pad, uhh.. Couldn’t quite get it to work, so that had to be abandoned. In place of that, I did paint up a little banner pole so I can keep an eye out for him during games, but I think he’s looking pretty sweet all painted up in my army colour scheme, amongst the group of his Ghost buddies!

Having been an Imperial Guard player for years now and regularly having very fluctuating games (where I regularly get curb-stomped, tabled, etc, and occasionally pull off a big win, usually with luck in my side), it’s been a very refreshing change to now be playing Grey Knights, having such arrestingly beautiful show-off models and a different dynamic and ruleset to play with.

More soon..

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