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OR: How to pimp-up your Grey Knight Grandmaster!

The Grey Knights codex is littered with images of our favourite Silver-tinged ubermarines taking names, kicking daemon-butt, and chewing bubblegum in the name of the Emperor.

All of that, and looking pretty stylish too, with their glowingly emblazoned spiky halos of light reinforcing their saintly status.
Even the Dreadknight has a blazing golden disk attached to it's back!
But how to represent this in modelling terms?  Well, one can always easily pick up the iron halo bitz from the space marine commander sprue.

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Thing to note is this bit, despite being what it says on the tin, is a mere semi-circle of an iron halo and doesn’t quite fit in with the ‘whole circle’ type of halo you see in the lovely fluff pictures in the codex. Maybe a half-moon is good enough for the plebian Space Marine commanders, but it is certainly not acceptable for the Grey Knights!!

Only the spiky full moon variety will suffice for Titan's Finest.

This is where the ‘easy conversion’ bit comes in:
Step 1: Say Hello to the Nemesis Warding Stave. I bet you'll have a few lying about if you're a Grey Knights player.

Step 2: Close-up of said Warding Stave, focusing on the exact bit we want.

Step 3: Chop off carefully the bits highlighted in red. You can certainly use more leftover Inquisition-branded skulls to decorate the base, armour, and trophy racks of the not-Chaos-at-all Grey Knights!

Step 4: Apply to back of your favourite custom bespoke Terminator, to make him stand out from the rest of the other average Terminators. Like I have on mine.

Step 5: Act all smug when you realise how versatile the new Grey Knight Terminator plastic kit is.

Ta-daa! My GK Grandmaster, with Halberd, Psycannon, and Iron Halo, of course.
Here are some pictures of other people’s attempts at giving their Grandmasters the Warding Stave Iron Halo.

Mordrak & Ghost Knights by Rumbles

Modrak, by Argyle (who's left his skull in)

Note: All images used without permission

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