Friday, 23 December 2011

Piece of the Puzzle

I’ve been busy scouring the Internet, trawling over at the Bay of Ecstasy and rummaging through the piles of bitz websites to put together my vision of Grandmaster Mordrak, the Haunted Knight.

Some are pretty good, some sublime, and some... okay,
Apart from the fluff description, GW has given no artwork or released a model for Mordrak, so it’s up to us Grey Knight players to use our imagination and piece him together ourselves in a way that would fit our vision. However, dear readers, I present to you this:

Exhibit A

The artwork for the ‘standard’ Grey Knight grandmaster is using the rarest of Inquisitorial weaponry, the 2-handed hammer! While the GK plastic terminator kit is designed with enough bits and customisation options to create Librarians, Psycannon-equipped Inquisitors, or even other Grandmasters, there is degree of skill involved to convert a 2-handed hammer, namely swapping a hammer bit with that of a halberd. And to those eagle-eyed amongst you, the hammer itself has an Iron Halo of it’s own, so I’ll be able to produce one using the same method from the tutorial I made earlier. Easy-peasy!
The aforementioned piece of artwork, along with the following bitz that captured my attention below, has spurred my imagination on:
Dark Angel hooded Sergeant Head

Chaos Terminator chain skirt with skull

Chaos Terminator skull-head shoulder pad (this one took me ages to find, and eventually buy)

These pieces gave me the idea of the ‘haunted armour’-feel that I wish my Mordrak model to have, my aim is to have the model covered in a fine balance of Skulls as to not look so –‘Chaos’-y, but just enough to make you think he might be on the verge of tipping over in his quest for vengeance to silence the Ghosts that haunt him.
That and the double-handed master-crafted hammer I intend for him to have. Sweet!
So I have now managed to put all the pieces together in one big pile, as follows:

And now with my leftover Terminator bitz, I’m aiming to put together my version of Mordrak as a 2-handed hammer (with Halo)-wielding warrior monk, in haunted armour, around Xmas time.

To be continued...

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