Friday, 24 February 2012

Justicar Thawn - Casualty Counter

My Justicar Thawn model now needed a 'Casualty Counter' (or Death maker/token/etc) as per the 'I Shall Not Yield' rules.

I had a rough idea of what I wanted (a tombstone, glowing with Psychic energy, possibly a skull), and trawling through bitz sites I found the WHFB Tomb Kings Warriors/Cavalry Tomb Stone, courtesy of  bitz website Let the Dice Decide. Perfect!

Here's the result:

Basing it on a standard 25mm round base, I painted the counter the standard Cadian Grey, with multiple washes of thinned down Chaos black, and Enchanted Blue, with highlights of Skull White, more grey and white added. The colour blue is featured heavily to distinguish it from other counters we use in our games (wound counters, objectives, etc) plus it ties it in with my Grey Knight army.

I'm pretty pleased with the result, and can't wait to use my new Justicar Thawn in future battles!

Respawn complete!

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