Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Year, New Knights

Here at the Cadian 512th blog, we’ve begun 2012 fresh in anticipation of February. No Wednesday Night Gaming for this month of Jan as real life concerns have gotten in the way, but as soon as next month rolls along the Campaign games will resume anew.

In the meantime, I’ve been slowly beavering away ‘refurbishing’ my Grey Knights.

For readers who remember, a chance bid on the Bay of Ecastasy resulted in me picking up a brand-spanking almost new army! It surprises me how many GK players (band-wagon jumpers or not) picked up what has been arguably GW’s biggest sales release for a while, bought the presumed auto-win armies, sprayed them silver, then dumped them when they got bored.
As a result of these quick paintjobs that I have inherited, I resolved to paint my GK models an ‘angelic’ white, figuring them for White Knights of the 41st Millenium. In many ways this was brought about by my reluctance to go all-silver as per Codex, and that mutually we here at Wednesday Night Gaming have very colour-coded armies, e.g. my IG are black and grey, Laur’s Marines are Ultra-blue, and Nid’s Pink with white, and Doug has yellow & black Orks, with Red Khornate Chaos Space Marines.
I had initially considered Green, or maybe even just Black to tie in with my IG, but I embraced White, and boy is it a struggle! White is a tough colour to paint on, relying on coats upon coats of the colour, and very often with my lack of finesse, sometimes looks caked-on, even having a stone-like texture.
I start by re-undercoating the models White, touch up the paint with White, then have a Chaos-Black wash to fill up the recesses and bring contrast and shadow to the models. Then I go over it again with 2 more coats of White, while colouring up the rest of the model a la traditional Codex scheme, e.g. Black weaponry, gold highlights and trim, some red & blue here and there. So far, so 4 months on, here are the ‘finished’ results:

Strike Squad
Strike Squad
Strike Squad (Extra members)
Purgation Squad
Terminator Squad
I’m really proud of the Electric Blue weaponry that my GK's wield, despite it looking nowhere near as good as the Codex. Still, from a gamer’s poV, it’s a better than average TableTop quality!
With the exception of the Purgation Squad which I built straight from sprue, all my other models are mostly as-builts purchased, and repainted, to the models you see today.
I’ll just say I like my Knights to have ‘White-Marbled’ armour, and leave it at that, as I still have plenty more to paint..


  1. Neat look! I always like seeing alternate color schemes for the GK. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed painting my Termies, and look forward to doing more. Painting PAGK's I enjoy less, I don't know why though. Something to do with the larger surface areas to paint on, plus with Termies I feel like taking my time with them, but with power armour I get pretty impatient!

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