Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sly's New Movie: Bullet To The Head?

A movie advertisement on a bus passed by me the other day, so I googled it up and much to my surprise, good ol' le soldat expendible Sly is back (again), baby!

Here's the poster in all it's glory:

Pretty spry for a pensioner! In fact, the poster made me think of an old entry from that arcane curiousity, the Codex: Catachan Jungle Fighters (4th ed., still available as a PDF download from the GW website here). Take a look at a sample of the old codex interior art if you don't believe me:

Coincidence? Despite a 10-year difference, I think not! GW better get their act together, I sense lawsuit! :)

Disclaimer: All images used entirely without permission for parody purposes. Bullet to the Head (2013) - copyright Warner Brothers, Codex: Catachan Jungle Fighters interior art & redundant ruleset (2002-2005) - copyright Games Workshop.

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