Thursday, 24 January 2013

Plastic Stormtroopers IV: Size Comparison

Here's a photo comparing the size of my plastic storm trooper / warrior acolyte conversions to that of the original Cadian Kasrkin metal model. Not bad, eh?

Amazing what interchangeable multi-part multi-source kits, a little imagination, and some easy gluing can achieve, along with a simple paintjob.

Note: Normal service re: photo uploading, has now resumed. I'll be posting more about my brand new 2013 army very soon!


  1. Looking good bro, I am quite fond of the utility of the WF Shocktroopers box.

  2. Thanks Jim, I'm quite happy with them too!

    At first the size compared to GW 28mm IG was a bit of a concern, but then basing them on the standard slottabases and retaining that bit of plastic still stuck between their feet does boost them up to the height they need to be.

    The WF plastics are great and pretty versatile, the only thing I'm not keen on are the 'alternative' heads provided which I think are pretty poor, but I do love their WW2-Wermarcht-Darth Vader helmets and the Cthulu head though.

    In fact, I had more issues with the FW Cadian respirator heads as they were resin, and had to work out the right amount of superglue to use to prevent the heads from snapping off the neck portion.

    Still, it all worked out in the end!