Saturday, 19 January 2013

Plastic Stormtroopers III: Warrior Acolytes Completed

First post of the new year, Happy New Year everybody!

Further to my previous posts regarding plastic stormtroopers here and here, I've managed to complete painting my new Stormtroopers as Warrior Acolytes for a new addition to my Grey Knights army. Here are a couple more photos of the squads in their entirety, painted in the Inquisition-standard palette of red and black:


Overall I'm pleased with the admittedly-quick conversion and paintjob, to match that of the classic GW concept sketch. Can't wait to bust these babies out in my future games, slicing them into different 3-men special weapon Acolyte squads as, and when I need them!

Note 01: While here in Wednesday Night Gaming, Laur is considering commencing a new Dark Angel army (he's picking up the codex this weekend) and Doug has been busy building his revamped Chaos Space Marine codex, I'll be commencing on my new army soon. No doubt that eagle-eyed readers would surely making an educated guess on how I'll be expanding my 40k collection in the immediate future.

Note 02: Blogger has been having issues of late with uploading pictures (e.g an unexplained limit of no more than 2 large photos per post), this has been an ongoing problem for the past 2 weeks with no update or solution yet, so please bear with while we await Google Engineers to pull their finger out from their millionaire backsides!

To be continued...

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