Sunday, 10 February 2013

Scanners: Their Thoughts Can Kill!

Guess wot? I’ve started a new army for this new 2013. After almost 2 years playing an all-Grey Knight army in various guises (Mordrak Bomb, Draigowing, Thawnwing, etc) I’ve opted to bolster my collection by playing the Inquisitorial Daemonhunters faction, a.k.a Coteaz-wing. By taking Coteaz as HQ, this unlocks Inquisitorial options as troops.
Here’s my sample army list:

1.0          HQ:
1.1          Inquisitor Coteaz

2.0          ELITES:

2.1          Vindicare Assassin

2.2          Callidus Assassion (using my new Riddick model)

3.0          TROOPS

3.1          Inquisitorial Retinue – 4no. Acolytes (3no. meltaguns, 1no. Stormbolter), 8no. Psykers + Chimera

3.2          Inquisitorial Retinue – 4no. Acolytes (3no. plasmaguns, 1no. Stormbolter), 8no. Psykers + Chimera

3.3          Inquisitorial Retinue – 4no. Acolytes (3no. plasmaguns, 1no. Stormbolter), 8no. Psykers + Chimera

3.4          Inquisitorial Retinue – 4no. Acolytes (3no. plasmaguns), 8no. Psykers + Chimera

4.0          HEAVY

4.1          Psyfleman Dreadnought (2no. twin-linked Autocannon + Psybolt ammo)

I call it my ‘Scanner’-spam army. S10 Ap1 pie plates galore that can crack all types of armour, even a Landraider! With the Vindicare & Psyfleman added for long-range distance, I’ve already had a game against Dougie’s Chaos Space Marines, which was a close-fought game ending in a draw (7vps-7vps, hammer & anvil / the crusade). TWICE I gained Perils of the Warp, rolling double 1’s and double 6’s, thereby having the honour of actually killing more of my own army than my opponent throughout the game.( It was also a noteworthy game in which I managed to miss with my Vindicare by rolling double-1’s!)

It’s a list with a power-level that's pretty random, managing to pull off at least 1 big blast per turn. At least the triple special-weapon load-out is pretty helpful. As with all elements of spam, I’m sure it’s not the most competitive of lists with weaknesses that a canny opponent can exploit, e.g. psychic defences, missile launcher spam to crack open chimeras, easy to assault, inaccuracy in shots with scatter dice rolls, etc, but boy is it fun!

Smiles galore when Perils of the Warp arises, it’s almost like playing Orks! Also, I had one pretty good shot that killed 9 space marines at one go. Awesome.

Haven’t gotten round to cracking armour (yet) but I'm sure that will happen soon. Using Riddick as a Callidus has been fun too, killed 7 marines on his first outing.

Remember the decapitated Cadians I posted yonks ago? Well I applied the Maxmini Ash Junker heads I bought recently, as illustrated here, for headswaps:

And have ended up with the first of my ‘Scanners . Am pretty pleased with the resulting 10no. models, I was trying to go for that ‘Men who can blast things with their mind but get a headache in the process’ – kinda look. David Cronenberg would be proud.



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