Friday, 22 January 2010

Yet More Rebus 40K

"We make Rebus that we may live in peace."
- Total Aris

Another round of Rebus! Thanks so far to all those who have played, and a bigger thank you to all in future who will. Usual no-prize to all who can correctly figure out the theme that binds the answers. Good luck!











11. This one is for you, Big Jim!

Note: All images here used for entertainment purposes and completely without permission being completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Ltd. Thank you for playing.


  1. These are the few I've managed to figure out before work on my iPhone. I'll do the rest of them after work if there are any left!! :)

    4 Who-Run Black-Heart
    7 Blood-Drink-Her ....
    8 Dao-Sand Suns
    9 M-Pour-Roar('s) Chill-Drain
    10 Tray-Thor Lee-John

  2. Ok so far I've got,

    1 Loo-See-Us Doh Eat-Her-Al
    2 Ruby-Rick-On ...
    3 Grrr-Ate Un-Clean-One
    4 Who-Run Black-Heart
    5 Ass-Roll Claws
    7 Blood-Drink-Her
    8 Dao-Sand Suns
    9 M-Pour-Roar('s) Chill-Drain
    10 Tray-Thor Lee-John
    11 Soul Ray-Pair

    I'll need to finish the others off once I'm home as I cant' quite tell what's happening in some of the remaining photos on my phone. Anyone else got those last few yet or can confirm mine?

  3. Agree with all yours except #7 Dj -

    2. Ruby-Rick on hari-mane
    6. disk-off sea-inch
    7. Blood-thirst-her off corn

  4. So far everyone is on the right track!

    I'm only nitpicking on DJ Batman's answer for no.'s 1 & 5 and Gotthammer's answer for no. 2.

    The overall answer being correct, but specifically it's not 'her-al', 'roll', or 'hari-mane'. :)

    Guess again, and the theme, to get it all right and receive a no-prize!

  5. Oops. Sorry. I guess it's one of the pitfalls of using the phone :) and we won't learn/improve if you don't nit-pick so it's all good :)

    So 1 should read Loo-See-Us Doh Eat-Her-Arnol (d) *works best if the 'd' is silent*

    Ahh good spot there Gotthammer. That blood drinker wasn't making sense for me especially considering the theme. Which I'm guessing is either chaos space marines, traitor marines and daemons (which seems a bit clunky) or entries/units mentioned in the Chaos Space Marine Codex.... Again still seems a bit clunky. And the traitor marines means it's not specifically Forces of Chaos yet the Daemons mean it can't be those who betrayed the Imperium...

    Where/what do you use to make your Rebus? They look rad and I wanted to have a go. Mainly to stump my mates and get them on their blogs more often :D

  6. Oops again. Is it just Eat-Arnol (d)?

  7. Photoshop, google search, time, blood, sweat & tears my good man! :)

    I create a blank white strip roughly 13cmX3cm ar 100dpi, save images I have in mind off to my desktop and shrink to fit, decorated with plus symbols. Their quote easy, and fun to do!

    Happy guessing.
    Correct-o-mundo on Eat-Arnol(d).