Tuesday, 5 January 2010

3rd Edition 'Dex, 5th Edition Game - Imperial Guard 101.

Behold, the first model I had painted after a 15 year absence in 40K. Not bad for a not-first timer?

After I had observed my friend play his Marines Vs Orks (Black Reach set) in an 800pt. game on an A0-size drawing board, I promptly rushed out and purchased a 20-men set of Imperial Guard Cadians and a copy of the Codex: Imperial Guard to spend a happy weekend in May 2008, painting them all, as the results below indicate.

Platoon 01 - Squad 01, led by Sergeant White.

Platoon 01 - Squad 02, led by Sergeant Black.

After quickly tiring of painting in eyes (the 2no. sergeant models) I thought to myself: 3-colour minimum. That must be the way to go. Quickly slather on the paint and rush 'em out into the field of battle!

Strangely enough, these 2 squads were still the best looking and best painted models on the table (the Black Reach figures the other players had were even more haphazard than mine own!). These 2 Cadian 512 squads were then promptly slaughtered in a rules-bent Imp Guard-Ork allied force vs Marines in a quick game intended to familiarise myself with the rules of the mysterious beast of 5th edition 40K.

The rules I learnt, which stick to me to this very day being:

1. Guard suck at close-combat.
2. Guard suck at shooting.
3. Guard suck at being shot at.
4. Guard suck at holding their nerve.
5. Guard suck at small numbers.
6. Guard suck?

With this in mind, I went off to get more men. 'More men' must be the answer surely to rectify Lession Number 6? More? More! MORE!

P.S. Hope you all enjoy the new header.

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  1. As a IG player, I have found that in 5th Edition, against most armies, Transports help keep Guard alive.
    Keep posting!