Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mid 2009 - Late 2009 - A Monstrous Brigade

Mid 2009: After much trial and error, I had discovered that with the old 3rd Edition 'dex, a competitive and most importantly, reliable, army list build consisted of maximising the grenadiers, mechanised, and drop troops doctrine to as much an advantage as possible to compensate for the overcosted points, codex creep of other 'dexes (Marines & Orks at this point in time) and the issue of KP's in 5th Edition 40K.

I was starting to win games. Sneers of contempt at the formerly-Punchbag Guard and laughing taunts of "Why would one bring a flashlight into a knife fight?" became fearful sweats and accusatory yelps of "Cheese! Guard are a horde army, and should be played as a slow lumbering mass!"

But I was winning games. And winning them in a respectful way. Mechanised builds allow my men to last longer when drop podded. They allowed them to put distance away from close-combat orientated builds and pump out the firepower. They allowed me to create walls of cover and direct the flow of the tabletop and actually perform as perfectly functionable distractions and buffers for the improved comms-hidden artillery that I had perfected.

Truly, 3rd Edition Guard in 5th Edition 40K, were now mighty.

Then I made the switch to 5th Edition, and you know what?

IG got better.

(except for the doctrines, and drop troops. I do miss drop troops. But that's another post of another time)..

Meanwhile, I had also experimented with what many consider relics of the old fluff and old IG dexes for yore. Ratlings (5th edition pinning weapon bargains! I love them Rats and always take a squad if I can. The trick is how to use them wisely), Rough Riders (useless apart from distractions in 3rd Ed. Dex, personally untested in 5th edition) and Ogryns (extremely overcosted in 3rd Ed. Dex, personally untested in 5th edition).

Anyone ever used Rough Riders and Ogryns lately?

My still yet-to-be painted Ogryns.

Rough Riders (Cadians on Dark Elf Cold Ones).

My local gaming group scoffs at the idea of cavalry in a sci-fi skirmish game. But what about these guys?

(tauntaun & dewback riders - (c) George Lucas)

Maybe one day I'll crack those nuts that are Rough Riders and Ogryns in 5th Edition. One day.

Which will probably be the day Imperial Guard Penal Legion human bombs, Imperial Guard Beastmen, Imperial Guard Jump Troopers, and Imperial Guard Landspeeders make a return.


  1. Check out Pathfinder's blog if you can - he love roughriders and has gone into some considerable depth on their application!