Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Artwork: Soul Reapers - Covers

Just spent an evening at my local gaming group pulling together our efforts making a hilariously schizophrenic cardboard bastion on the cheap. I promise I'll post a picture of our Princess Barbie 40K fortress soon..

Also had a discussion with our local Marine player regarding the minidexes I've worked on (art-wise) and the new top-secret IG fan-supplement I'm working on, to which the reply was a sneering: "Why would anyone want to play with made-up rules?"

Aren't all the rules made-up?

This snowballed into a little discussion involving the current over-simplification of building occupancy rules (e.g. "No assaults on models placed on parapets to look cool, etc. What about deep-striking/'porting/jump packing onto a building? Oh-er, we'll make a house rule for that when we come to it), how a drop troop-themed Imperial guard is cheesy and against  fluff ("You're only doing it to give yourself an unfair advantage with melta spam!") and I should accept that men jumping off Valkyries are now the only official(tm) non-Elysian way of playing a paratrooper-esque-themed army, and that Drop Pod marine armies are totally kosher and rule the skies in the 41st Millenium, despite no real agreement how they officially work once they land, etc, etc.

But next week we'll be playing with a White Dwarf-approved Legion of the Damned planetstrike-esque mission, just to spice things up. But it's okay, it's official.

But I digress. I'll get deeper into the rant (and ultimately, the mindset of my local gaming group) as this blog progresses. Onwards to the pretty art!

Below are the mockups and the playtest covers for the Minidex: Soul Reapers, courtesy of Big Jim. Enjoy!

Note: All illustration work depicted here is fan art which is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Ltd.

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