Thursday, 19 June 2014

Are You Jokearo-ing?

Towards the end days of 6th edition I had been experimenting with elements of the now-aging Grey Knight Codex that attracts ridicule and respect alike, the Jokaero Weaponsmiths!

I'm a big fan of these little guys and normally run them in squads of 2 to plug a gap in my Grey Knights forces to bring a bit more long range / anti-tank / AP1-2 into the mix, and they are a lot of fun to use and play.

They have performed better than expected, especially combo-ed with Plasma Cannon Servitors and Inquisitors/Cortez with Psychic Buffs that allow them to re-roll shooting, ignore cover, force re-rolls on enemy saves, and the Monkey Inconceivable Customisation traits.

However, with the greater unreliability of psychic powers in 7th edition, coupled by the rise in faster moving armies (for Maelstrom and other objective grabbing purposes) and my local meta which is built around exploiting the buffs to artillery (barrage) and the emphasis on mass shooting (dakka dakka armies), it might mean these monkey boys might see less action as I re-tool my GK army list to increase the competitiveness of my toy soldiers.

The fact that they are extraordinarily squishy of late has meant they've been relegated from starring role to more of a supporting position which is a shame, as my models  tend to attract a lot of attention at my gaming club due to me being the only Grey Knight player that bring these little furballs to games.

Jokaero and other 'Count-As' models from left to right:

1. Dinky Delight's Banana's objective counter.
2. GW Jokaero Weaponsmith model (at front) - finecast, finished, had to mount on larger (Terminator) base for stability, likely to be used as an objective counter.
3. Reaper Miniatures Orangutango Cyber-Ape, (white metal) - still being painted
4. Black Cat Bases* animal figurines - seated male orangutan, baby (at front), male & female (at back) - white metal, finished.

All lovely models that inject a bit of humour into the game, great to paint and the comments they always attract have been very positive

NOTE*: Black Cat Bases do remarkable models suitable for all sorts of gaming systems and I cannot advocate their miniatures highly enough. However, at time of this post I would STRONGLY advise that please do your research regarding company communication and anticipated postage for ordered miniatures  (a quick google check will suffice) as their current track record is a subject of much discussion on forums of late.


  1. Wait - do these things actually, genuinely, really have rules? I always thought you were joking - that it was a made up thing...

  2. Hi Drax, I'm assuming you're asking me a genuine question! (on the interwebs it's harder to tell if sarcasm filter is on or not)

    Yes they do have rules for the models in the Grey Knight Codex, they're basically 35 points Chaos Obliterators with added bonuses, firing rings as a lascannon, multi-melta and/or heavy flamer per turn, taking them in squads of henchmen (3-12 models).

    and yes it IS possible to collect, build and play an army of them: