Monday, 2 June 2014

Easy To Make Objective Counters - Xenos Neon-Green Markers!

Since I've started playing 40K at the Edinburgh League of Gamers, I noticed I was short of a few objective markers and templates, so apart from buying a new sprue set of neon green assault on black reach templates like so:

... whatever could I do with all the leftover gribbly bits I had snapped off from the sprue? So, inspiration hit me:

And now, tadaa! Killing 2 kroothawks with one bolt, I present to you easy to make neon-green objective markers. Very Xenos-Necron I might say.

All you need a good pair of sprue clippers, superglue, spare bases, leftover glowing plastic sprue bits and just 10 minutes to make these 3 bad boys. It was great fun chopping up the excess bitz and gluing them together, so you get the idea!

Here's another picture with a Servitor model adjacent, for an idea of scale.

With my forces primed and ready to capture and control these glowing Kryptonite crystals of strategic importance for the glory of the Imperium, I'm off to play a few games of new 7th edition.

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