Friday, 15 August 2014

Dreadknight Delight

Good news! New grey Knight codex in a week or so, updated in-line with 7th edition 40K!

Bad news! My codex has been gutted, from losing Inquisition (not a problem, there's always the e-dex), to losing my favourite units (of which mordrak and thawn are gone, as they have no models). Boo hiss, etc.

However I'm thinking of buying yet another awesome new model to proxy as a count-as centrepiece Dreadknight, see above! It's a mock-up of Scibor's Roman SF 28mm mech, link here. If the rumours about the severe points reduction in cost of Dreadknight are true, I'd be the first in line to buy this Scibor mech which admittedly looks a lot better than the Games workshop sculpt!

I've photoshopped it against my existing Dknight (painted white) for scale purposes, a bit taller as it's standing on some rocks, but all in all not bad!

I really like it, and with a Grey Knight apothecary head (that looks suitably techmarine-y with gubbinz by the side of the head) really adds to it.

I call it the Dreadknight Mark 8th (Henry). The bloated-looking armour makes me think of this:

I reckon it would make a lovely centrepiece, flanked by it's two smaller GW dreadknight bodyguard brethren.

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