Sunday, 24 March 2013

Crusader WIP

Following on from my previous theme of 40k artwork-inspired model building, I present to you my latest inspiration piece:

The above image again comes from the now-defunct Daemonhunters codex, and to me despite being the 'generic warrior acolyte' really captures the essence of the 6th edition 'Crusader' model-type thanks to his wargear loadout (shield & sword), hence the following creations:

I think they're pretty cool. The models are made primarily with Dark Angel veteran bodies, Ravenwing biker shrouded heads, Space Marine Scout arms, Grey Knight weapons for the power swords, Tomb Kings shields for the Storm Shields (as I wanted them suitably-sized), and a few components from the Grey Knights Twrminator sprue to give them that Inquisition flavour.

I had briefly considered using the High Elf shields to achieve that slender Anglo-saxon shield look, but as it stands I'm quite fond of the chunkier, tomb stone-like Egyptian shields. I've also omitted backpacks to have them sized more suitably with their fellow retinue members, looking less like imposing Space Marines. Once I give them an appropriate paint job, I'm sure they'll meld quite nicely with my growing Inquisition army.

Note: Images used without permission.

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