Saturday, 2 March 2013

Warrior Acolyte WIP

The power of 40k artwork shall never be underestimated! On many occassions flipping through various 40K codices, one gravitates towards the dark gothic 40K artwork that abound and sometimes one thinks: "Wouldn't that make a great model to create, paint and play on a 40k table?".

I have done just that, particularly with this piece of artwork, from the redundant Daemonhunters codex, back in the day when Grey Knights were fearless, WS5, had true grit, and were unfashionably difficult to play as a push-button army:

Vatican Swiss Guard (in space), making Swiss cheese with their Space-Tommy guns! Totally awes40kme.

Currently a WIP, here are a couple more photos of my budding Stormbolter-wielding Warrior Acolyte. (the normal bolter has been given an 'extra ammo' look with the addition of the drum, to imply better-than-average bolter weapoinry that only the Inquisition can requisition!)

The head is from the GK sprue (Justicar head), the body & bolter is from a Space Marine Scout, extra purity seals (again from my GK bits) to emphasise the Daemonhunter feel, and the tommy-gun effect drum is from an Imperial Guard grenade launcher drum cut off with my limited tools & skills. If I were more inclined to do so, I would've placed the drum centrally under the bolter but as it is, I kinda like it!

I'll post some painted shots soon, along with the rest of his kickass squadmates who'll tag along with the plasma/melta-totin' Acolytes in my new Daemonhunter army.


  1. He looks great dude. Simple, yet awesome :D

    I've lost track of the number of times GW's artwork has inspired a model, or in the case of my CSM's, an entire army.

  2. Wait 'til you see my Crusader model! :)