Friday, 6 July 2012

One Last Apocalypse - Advanced

Carnage on the dance floor

Round 2 of the mega-apocalypse goodbye-5th-edition game continues apace, taking up the entirety of Wednesday Night Gaming's nighttime slot to play, with the 3rd round to be played next week. Highlights include the following:

Chaos-Ork-GK alliance:
Outflanking Paladin psycannons eliminating all of the Ultramarine's melta-vet allies.
Vindicare blowing up the Librarian's rhino-taxi.
Various Ultramarine rhino-taxis rendered toothless.

Ultramarine-PDF contingent:
Marneus Calgar slaying a Dreadknight.
Manticores wiping out all of the Chaos-Ork alliance's cannon fodder (traitor IG blob platoon).
Outflanking scouts neutralising the heavy big-guns of Demolishers and Predators.
Combined arms of plasma dudes, melta-dudes, Devastators, and lascannons to kill a squad of Paladins.

Assymetric warefare denied: Abbadon (in a stunned Landraider) and Draigowing outflanking in a ruin, at one end of the board with not much to threaten.

The arrival of Lysander by drop pod, and the outflanking Draigowing still means the game is still one to watch, as both parties still have plenty of tricks up their sleeve (masses of jump assault marines by Laurence, Snikrot + Kommandos and Old Zogwort by Doug). This truly has been a fun game for all of us, and part of me wonders if Apocalypse truly captures both the cinematic and fun feel of Warhammer 40K than the core set of rules would ever do. If it weren't for the long game-playing time, we would be playing Apoc games more often!

The arrival of the Strongbow-Dakka Dread...

MVP of the game, in my opinion? The kingo del kingo of Snipers, the Vindicare. Truly he is a force (multiplier) to be reckoned with and when combo-ed with the Techmarine's Boosted Cover ability, .

.. backed by the Dreaded Buckfast-Knight!

To be continued!

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