Thursday, 26 July 2012

One Last Apocalypse - Wreckage

Surveying the remnants

Round 3 & 4 of the mega-final 5th edition apocalypse game we've been playing here at Wednesday Night Gaming. Truly a send-off to the last edition.

Further highlights include:

Chaos-Ork-GK Alliance:
The combo firepower of Orks and GK's tear apart any human IG resistance, killing all their plasma and melta-toting weaponry.
Vindicare blowing up the last remaining Land Raider, and the Ultramarine's Vindicator thereby denying the forces of 'Good' AP2 weaponry.
Kharn and a Daemon Prince engage in brutal combat with Lysander, eventually killing him.
Snikrot charges from the rear to take out the Heavy Plasma-squad of Devastators.
A lucky Demolisher cannon shot splatters Tigurius.
A precise battlecannon shot from the Defile kills Tellion and almost all his Scouts, leaving 1 left.
Draigowing are unstoppable.

Ultramarine-PDF contingent:
Ultramarines stun and shake more tanks!
Marneus, taken down by Tzeentch zombie-marines. Argg!
Assault marines attempt a desperate deepstrike onto the bolstered ruin. Success! They proceed to wipe out all but 1 Loota in their attempt to flame the Vindicare to death (who still has 1 wound left).
Marines engage in more assaults with Chaos, the last remaining Dreadknight and Ghazkull and his Meganobz. The fortunes' of the dice gods do not go the way of the marines as the tide of Chaos /Orks ? GK emerge unscathed...

Point! That Landspeeder, soon to be destroyed by Heavy bolter-fire.

And with that the game is almost at it's end, to be finished off sans my prescence this week as I'm unavailable to play, so Dougie and Laurence will resolve this last of the 5th edition game.

Laur has technically thrown in the towel, as his forces are now on the backfoot of the oncoming 2+ armour save assault onslaught (Paladins, Draigowing, Ghazgkhullwing, etc) and with his AP2 weaponry gone, his army has been rendered toothless and the fight's gone out.

The bed is our battlefield..

Earlier on there may have been the opportunity to rely on Demolisher Ap2 weaponry to provide this Anti-terminator punch (by swapping IG lists) but melta-vets in Chimeras were relied upon instead (and due to a combination of poor luck, bad dice rolls, and slightly dodgy deployment in which the IG 'meatshields' were front-forward to protect the 3+ armour marines in Rhinos), a strategy which ultimately didn't work out. Mind you, even if the meltavets were swapped with Demolishers, this would not have guaranteed a decisive victory as Laur's marine force were (unfortunately) tailored to be as generic as possible, with masses and masses of tactical marines in Rhinos having to face Doug and mine own superior quality and better-armoured 2+-save-wings.

Once again, for me the MVP had to be my Vindicare sniper. Truly he is a force-multiplier to be reckoned with!

Sure, anyone can argue that the Vindicare is an easy killpoint, but when combined with our army's overall strategy (which was ignore shield-breaking and hellfire-round shooting, contrate on turbo-breaking to blow up key transports and vehicles which then the rest of our forces can squash the squishy things inside) and Bolstered Ruins, there was nothing Laurence really could do against this 2+-cover save Monster.

Bang bang I shot you down

Practially every shot brought something down: On the 1st turn, Marneus's Landraider - destroyed. 2nd turn, Tigurius's Rhino-taxi - destroyed. 3rd turn, empty Landraider (still bristling with lascannons to take down Paladins) - destroyed. 4th turn, a shaken Vindicator tank which has launched smoke - destroyed (all the more unbelievable in that I had missed the first shot, but made it on the 4+ re-roll, and Laur failed his cover save).

With each shot I was rolling a consistent Armour Penetration value of 17 (after all, 4D6 + 3 + rending). Enough to crack mighty Landraiders!


Following this, a new edition commences: We will begin with a 600 point game, just to get a feel of the new rules, new deployment, missions, etc. Can't wait for my new rulebook to come through the door!

Note: Photograph of LIIVI the Vindicare, by spencyg. Used without permission.

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