Friday, 29 June 2012

One Last Apocalypse

Alas poor 5th edition, I knew him, per ratio...

It's the last gasp 5th edition mega-apocalypse battle we here at Wednesday Night Gaming have only ever dreamed of! A full on 8700 points battle (complete with Buckfast Bottle Titan) on both sides, using *most* of our complete collection for a straightforward Annihilation battle, just like wot you sees in dem White Dwarf battle-reports innit?

On one side it's 6k worth of Ultramarines that Laurence owns, with the remainder of my points made up with Imperial Guard artillery and meltavet Chimeras.

On the other, it's Doug and his Chaos and Orks totalling 5k, with the remainder being an elite Draigowing GK list with Imperial Guard support.

Sadly, apart from the Orks there were no further Xenos representations by the Tau or 'Nids, so it's a mostly Imperial mash-up for the ages, to be completed before commencement of the brand spanking-new 6th edition to change the 40k-verse forever.

Setup took ages as you can imagine, with still a third of our mutual armies held back in reserve. We managed to get through the 1st rounds each, with the highlight of the game so far being my Vindicare destroying Calgar's Land Raider ride. I wonder if Turbo-Penetrator ammo will still be FTW with the new/retained Rending rules?


  1. Nice work.

    Oh, and Bucky, huh? That stuff's made just up the road from here.

    Buckfast monks: working hard to lubricate Neds since the 1880s.

  2. You ever catch a peek at the monks who make the demon drink? :)

    Just to clarify in the 2nd picture post above, there is a grey-coloured Chimera trundling through a blast crater, that *was* where the Land Raider had been previously, where my Vindicare rolled a total armour-penetrative shot of 21, then subsequently a 5 (+1 for Ap1). Ka-Boom!

    Once this final Apoc game is over, no doubt all of us here at Wednesday Night Gaming will have to re-read through the new 6th edition rulebook to figure out how to play the game. Again.