Monday, 26 March 2012

I'm just a cross hair, I'm just a shot away from you.

Bang bang, he shot me down..

I've recently been experimenting with the usage of a Vindicare Assassin in my recent games, and he's been such a fire magnet he barely survives past Turn 3. Still, as a Tank-Buster extraordinaire, for 145 points he's a real bargain in terms of psychological value as well as providing results in each turn he's able to shoot both 36" long range and 12" off-hip with his pistol, thanks to the Turbo-Penetrator ammo.

The model of the left was one I had bought yonks ago and have now sold off to a lucky buyer on Ecstasy Bay, replaced with the newerer model to the right, also purchased off said site. I've put some touch-ups on the model, such as adding a dash of green Ork blood through the skull, highlighting the bullets and grenades.

For some real fun, variety and the sheer tension of it all for your Grey Knight games, I approve of the Vindicare!

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