Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dreadnought: Re/Conditioned

One of my earliest GK purchases was a disused Forgeworld GK Dreadnought, which was basecoated black and had a weird, mottled green and white camouflaged colour scheme, a real fixxer-upper. Yuck!

Thankfully, my journey to lovingly restore these models to their well-deserved glory as the most desirable 40K MEQ army to play, own, and paint to date, continues apace. I will not be deterred!
A new lick of white paint, weapons-grade psybolt autocannon arms, and magnetised articulation on the arm and body joints, has now transformed this:
I made an early start on the shins.
Into this!

I’m really proud on how the inclusion of a body/waist joint has really opened up the range of possible ‘dynamic’ action poses allowed with the model. Had to crack the model carefully at the joint to do it (resulting in a little accident with the legs), but a bit of carefully applied glue and an overnight rest does wonders.
Here’s a bonus picture of the completed Dread, facing off on my latest project, a squad of unhelmeted GK’s. Ta-rah for now!

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