Thursday, 17 February 2011

What Menzies Did Next

Hello all! The Cadian 512th's been quiet of late, but that's only because I've been buckling down at the job, earning monies for more disposable cash to pump into the game of 40K, that game we all know to be a blackhole of money by which plastic crack will always tempt.

I've been pretty busy going on a mass painting spree to bolster my Cadian force and diversify my tactics, and the game itself of late. I'll follow this post with a few picture highlights, but here's the first! My fully-painted result of coming 2nd place to a certain competition...

Yup! This is the fully-painted Valkyrie (seen here with my count-as Vendetta options), a first for the 512th! Thanks bsmoove!

Admittedly, this kit has been a joy unbeholden. The hardest kit I've ever had the pleasure to assemble, paint, reassemble, repaint, detail, magnetise (for both Valyrie pod & missile options, and Vedetta twin-linked lascannons), and repaint! *Phew*

But it is worth it, truly a thing of beauty (in my eyes. After all, anything painted in the 512th colours or black, white and grey will always find favour in my eyes). 2 weeks worth of modelling and painting! But it is such a fun toy to have in an Imperial Guard army, and opens up a whole realm of playing possibilities, I sometimes think to myself "Why did I not get one sooner?"

True, it's definitely a fire magnet, and it's made it's maiden voyage and promptly got blown up the turn after it arrived, but it was so much fun to make and play, I do love it!

Thanks again Bsmoove! The Cadian 512th, we salute you!


  1. Huzzah! She flies. Beautiful work. I'm also pleased to see that she died with good taste and manners in her first foray -how perfectly civilized of her.

  2. Indeed she did! I've also worked up the basic Valk options, therefore giving me the choice to switch between the two.

    In fact, despite hte tough slog I enjoyed making & painting it so much I'm planning to start building my 2nd one! After all my little projects of course...