Monday, 21 February 2011

Dissident Aggressor

One of the many imports from Ecstasy Bay has risen through the ranks of the Cadian 512th, leading the glorious Infantry Blob Platoons through many a battle!

Brother-Confessor Hackett lives up to his name!

I had converted and painted up this Ministorum Priest from Empire Flagellant bits, some grenades and a Sentinel chainsaw for an Eviserator (why Sentinels don't have Power Weapon attacks like Marine Dreadnoughts, I will never know). This has resulted in a complete change of playstyle, veering away from Full-mech to a mixed list using combined arms and tactics.

Bubble-wrapping artillery, transports and tanks, or using them to intimidate opponents on the 1st turn charge with Straken, the fun is endless! Plus I'm pretty stoked how the model & painting turned out.

More to come!


  1. Love the Ministorum Priest! I always attach mine to the Melta/Demo/shotgun vets in the Vendetta. Nothing like getting the jump on a unit, rerolling your missed hits, then smashing the unit with an Eviscerator!

  2. That actually sounds like a good idea!

    I've recently used the vets-vendetta scout assault technique: Where if one gets the first turn, you flat-out the vendetta 24" in it's scout move, then on the 1st turn you deploy someone as far as possible 2" from the base, move 6" so you're guaranteed a melta! shot at a transport, and hopefully will still be close enough to carry out an assault.

    Although I do like to add the costly Priest (45 pts + 15 extra for the Eviserator) to Platoon Blobs, I wonder if the re-roll to hit allows one to re-take Grenade attacks? (e.g. if a Vet squad has a Demolitions doctrine)