Monday, 31 January 2011

Wednesday Night Gaming: A Glorious Mess

As per the last post, these are some photo highlights of the first Apocalypse, and last game of 2010 (that carried on into 2011!). Enjoy!

It was a 6000 point game, Laur with the Ultrasmurfs, and me and Dougie with 3K each, a Chaos/Traitor IG alliance. (this was because Dougie had been building his Chaos force from the ground up slowly, while Laur & mine's colllection dwarfs his, but we fancied an all-out all-inclusive game)

 In the end, Laur's first go, spread out deployment (we were forced to castle due to Apocalypse table division rules), better unit synergy and better dice meant he achieved a near total wipeout! (with the exception of Straken, who survived a pounding from Marines as seen from the picture above).

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