Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Wednesday Night Gaming: Season's Greetings!

Prawn cracker smoke! The tasty snack you get a cover save from.

The 40k-bloggosphere is usually pretty quiet this time of year, so the Wednesday Gaming Night guys hope that one and all had a great Christmas, and a greetings of Happy New Year to everyone!

We've also had our first foray into Apocalypse (playing a massive 6000 point game, throwing all our toys onto the table) which was plenty of fun, though a bit on the long side! (2 nights on, and it was still Turn 2!).

See you all in the New Year!


  1. Any chance of using a poppadom as a blast template too?

    Happy New Year yourself, too, matey!

  2. Poppadom blast template? We gotta try that!

    Happy new year to you, and hope next year will be better than the last!