Thursday, 17 April 2014

MARBO: Last Blood

Missing your favourite Catachan Jungle-Fightin' Deathworlder from your updated and recently released Codex: Astra Millitarum? Fear you will have to retire all your converted count-as Marbo's as they are now unplayable on a standard game of 6th edition 40K?

I have the solution!

For fans of Marbo, I've now worked up a parody dataslate/supplement of Sly Marbo - Unus Virum Millitarum (The One Man Army) for 'personal' use of your own games, complete with expanded D6 Random Warlord Traits table. All in handy JPEG format so you can view them anywhere in non-traditional media format doofer-i-thingies!


 Note 01: Do not use these codex / supplement / dataslate excerpts without prior and vocally expressed agreement of opponent, otherwise you will never play 40K again. You have been warned!

Note 02: This is obviously a parody, all copyrights used without permission, intellectual property belonging to respective owners, although in this instance it is clearly a parody of a parody in itself taking an intellectual property used without permission in an attempt to copyright that which is uncopyrightable... Oh wait. 


  1. Marvelous. Love the warlord trait table.

  2. Glad you guys like it, if you ever manage to convince an opponent to let you field Marbo as per this 'data'slate, please report back to see how successful you've been!