Friday, 25 April 2014

Edinburgh League of Gamers

With my regular opponents (Laurence & Dougie) winding down 40K, I had struggled to figure out what to do with this hobby-disease called Warhammer 40,000 as the painting, modelling, and collecting aspects without gaming, to me seemed a hollow pursuit. I personally believe it is at it's best when shared, and despite the shared, rich complex backdrop of the 40K universe and the plethora of toys one can buy, sometimes in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future it can seem like a pretty lonely place...

Following my fiancee's recommendation, I started looking around to see if there were any close-by gaming groups within my area (Edinburgh, Scotland/UK) that would take in newcomers and veterans alike and the solution hit me:

The Edinburgh League of Gamers - on a Wednesday to boot! Ideal for me as I having something to look forward to mid-week to get my spirits up.

Links, details and information here: elg website and on facebook.

With my  "Wednesday Night Gaming" arisen from the ashes like a Phoenix on fire, I've now been a few times and met some pretty cool fellow gamers, sharing war stories and getting a couple of games in, battles tend to be fought around 1750 pts.

Conveniently located for me, the ELG has affordable membership, great terrain, loadsa space and tables, friendly opponents up for 40K (as well as other systems, board & card games too), and even a licensed bar! I'm asking myself now: Why didn't I join sooner?

As a result, I might start producing battle reports, photos and/or random rants from these mid-week excursions from now on, so expect to see more frequent posts now the 40K-madness has been reinvigorated within me. For any of you reading who happen to be within the vicinity, do come along I might see you there.

Thanks again to my wonderful darling wife-to-be. ;)


  1. Very happy for you, Menzies - here's to regular gaming, eh?!

  2. Just incredibly happy to have regular opponents again, and being able to choose to game at my convenience. I'll drink to that!

  3. I don't get to attend my club very often, as you doubtless gather, but as a Scot(?!) you should probably be impressed that the two post-mix soft drinks the club has on tap are Vimto and...Irn Bru!

    Such joy.

  4. I'm a 'Brit' living in Scotland, but consider me impressed. :)

  5. pretty nice blog, following :)