Thursday, 8 August 2013

An Extra Daemonhammer - Fun with Spare Bitz

I've been playing around with the spare bitz in my bitz box, and I don't think anyone needs reminding on how versatile and fun the Grey Knights plastic kit has been (has it really been 2 years and a new edition now since the codex has been released?).

One of the things that's always on demand on the Bay of Ecstasy (no, not talking about Psycannon bitz, though they too are always much-sought after) are Daemonhammers. Grey Knights standard, and/or Terminator flavoured, you name it. Can never have enough Daemonhammers!

Anyhoos, I've been wanting to equip my new squad of Interceptors with a couple of Daemonhammers, but I've run out of the appropriate bitz. What to do?

Then I thought of this piece in my bitzbox:

Image from bitzbarn

This is the Grey Knights terminator Paladin 'book' icon.

I hate the Paladin icons. They're all modelled on ridiculous sword pin-point fixings, and are oh-so easy to snap off. Which is why I don't bother with them.

But in this instance, a flash of brilliance hit me! The book is so chunky, just about the right size for a Daemonhammer, and I'm pretty sure I've seen a Librarian conversion somewhere on the web which used the same technique as I'm thinking of. So lo and behold:

Ta-dah! Interceptor Justicar with 'Bookhammer'. Cool, eh?
The (yet another refurbished) model previously came with a full halberd, but opted to cut the blade off and stuck on the book instead, painted the whole weapon in it's 'force-glow' mode.

Quite pleased with the result, can't wait to bash that heavy telephone book over the heads of Chaos & Xenos scum alike!


  1. Brilliant idea, mate: great work.

  2. Thanks drax, always interesting possibilities with the bitz box!