Tuesday, 19 October 2010

MISSING: Soul Reapers, Have You Seen Them?

With a heavy heart I’m spreading the word that Big Jim’s personal army, the Soul Reapers, have been stolen!

Follow the link here for the original report.

When I read the sad news that his van was broken into and his stuff nicked, I felt really sorry for him. I even told my girlfriend about how the personal 40K collection of a person I’ve never even met in real life going missing in this fashion had left a sour taste in my mouth, and she helpfully replied that in a way she knows how it feels as she’s a keen gardener, and this is the equivalent of someone going round the house and tearing all her precious plants, flowers and herbs she has tended to and grown with loving care.

At first glance, this may seem a ‘mere loss’ of a collection of toy soldiers, easily replacable with enough time and monies, I’ll insist here and foremost that this is not about missing possessions. Our beloved 40K collections are an investment of our time, sweat, memories (and yes, money admittedly), and a lot of love goes into our ‘hobby’, and to have something so personal be taken away just like that is shocking.

Sure the models can be re-collected, re-built, re-painted, and re-played, but they will never really be the same again. The Soul Reapers were a unique custom collection, works of art that showcased many of Jim’s brilliant painting, modelling, conversion and homebrew talents and their loss will be keenly felt, especially by this blogger (I owe the Soul Reapers a great debt in that they were the ones that got me back to 40k-blogging and artwork).

I note that perhaps this eulogy may be too hasty! I urge all readers to keep a close watch on Ebay, local gaming stores, tournamentsm and dodgy ads from perhaps an unscrupulous ‘trader’ looking to offload his loot to some unsuspecting buyer to gain maximum value from a product that will only sell to a specific market (e.g. us). If you see anything suspicious please report it back to Big Jim!

Also, there’s been a ray of light though in all this gloominess, Magilla over at Table Top War has organised a drive, both on his blog and other places to assist Jim at his hour of need.

The Soul Reapers may have been lost to the warp by the evil upstart Mammon, but please show your support and be vigilant!


  1. Menzies my friend that missing poster brightened up my morning coffee!

    Thanks Dude!