Monday, 18 October 2010

Homemade Terrain

Which tastes better? Bastion, fortress, or ruin?
(Picture source here)

Just a quick post here, I recently found some discarded ‘molded pulp’ packaging (for a mobile phone of mine) such as so:

I turned it upside down and thought: “Hmm.. This would make a nice 40K building?”

Do you guys ever find yourself looking at a stack of rubbish and thinking to yourself, “I could use that in my games!”. Especially electronic-goods moulded pulp packaging. Instant 40K terrain!

I know I do, much to my girlfriend’s annoyance as I hoard bits and pieces of rubbish in a corner somewhere, like some sort of 40K-terrain-hamster.

In the grim darkness of the Far Future, there is only empty Pizza boxes.

Still, sometimes she helps out asking me “Could you use this in your toy soldier game?” before she chucks anything out with the recycling. How thoughtful!

Anyway, here’s a picture of the result, with my ‘counts-as’ models (PBS, Harker, Straken/Marbo) giving them a sense of scale after I’ve brushed the building/ruin/outpost with a liberal splotch of Adeptus Grey.


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