Monday, 31 May 2010

Love for the Hounds of Hati

The hounds of love are calling...

I have been developing a new army icon/logo for Magilla over at Table Top War, for the purposes of creating a decal sheet for his new 40K army!
While a deft hand with Photoshop, I, like the average player, hadn’t a clue when it comes to creating a transfer sheet of sorts until of course, I was helpfully pointed out to a variety of websites on the very topic, the following link (click here) being the one I would recommend!

Magilla had a rough idea what he wanted, and during the course of the past 2 weeks we developed these ideas, and batted back and forth ‘sketch’ icons and alternatives until he found himself quite happy with a particular result!

Below are images depicting the ‘evolution’ of his the Hound of Hati’s iconography, the final chosen result being helpfully pointed out with a blue arrow (it’s the one on the top right corner on the second image).

Cry Wolf! And let slip the Moons of Havoc..

We started with a rough idea for using the skull iconography from Gunnar Redmoon’s Space Wolf chapter, combined with a Blood Angel-like droplet, and upon creating many variations we hit upon the ‘tear’ motif. Then, we added a black outline to the tear to give it more definition, and finally added a yellow moon to the background.

We felt this touched upon the multi-faceted background of the Hounds of Hati that would allow Magilla to explore the different possible army build options available to him, create a flavourful background that would draw upon the inspired 40K-verse, as well as having an icon that looked 40K!

Settling upon the right positions and sizes for the individual motifs (skull, blood tear, yellow moon), I worked upon the decal sheet onto a PDF document, which you can download off Magilla’s blog.

The sheet also features runic squad numerals (a la Space Wolf) that would capture Magilla’s desire to have a noncomformist chapter that eschewed both the traditional Imperial and Traitor legion squad markings, and better reflect the warrior culture of the Hounds of Hati, the writing being more like simple scratches/etchings onto the squad shoulder pads. The final result, is as follows (jpeg format):

All in all, I was happy with the result as is Magilla, and I wish him the best in getting the sheet printed off onto decal paper, and transferring them onto his new army! Don’t forget to take photos of the result Magilla!

Note: All illustration work here is fan art which is completely unofficial andi n no way endorsed by Games Workshop Ltd.


  1. Great stuff, Menzies! I shouldda had you do some for me, but my freehand skills would be wasted!

    I could use some Tank numbers! lol



  2. Well Jim, email me and I'll see what I can do for you!

  3. Thanks again Menzies for the work. Looking at the nice decal sheets, means I am going to have to get off my rear and start painting some of these troops.