Wednesday, 12 May 2010

2010: The Body Cannot Live WIthout The Mind

Just a short little post here, to ensure the 40K bloggosphere that in the month of May, the Cadian 512th still exists!

Thought I'd show off by posting my Psyker Battle Squad as seen here:

Oops! I meant these guys below, in which I refurbished a squad of Necromunda Delaque models from the Bay of Ecstasy. They truly were a joy to paint.

Pretty nifty huh? I hope you all think so. The nod to the Trenchcoat Movie Mafia is obvious, and the Delaque's have a pretty distinctive look anyway which is what you want from a PBS.

I've not used them much though, as from this battle report in which in the 4 turns they were on the board they achieved 2no. Perils of the Warp, 1no. Psychic Test Failure. Perhaps I will have better luck with them next time.

I have still yet to try out the 'synergy' of using the Ratling/PBS combo to neutralise enemies with Weaken Resolve/Pinning. Soon maybe.

In fact, scouring the Internet I now realise that someone has already brilliantly captured this synergy by making the Ratlings the Psykers!

I kid, I kid. They are fantastic conversions and great models though, and are my favourite Psyker Battle Squad conversion I have seen. Hats off to Mr. Dave Taylor.

I mean what genetically-augmented power-armoured futuristic militaristic jingoistic pious super-soldier of the grimdark 41st Millenium wouldn't cower against the mighty power of the Bald, Creepy, Psychic Stare?

Until next time..

Note: Images here used without permission.


  1. They look great! I always like seeing people's takes on units which don't have a GW model, and especially a break from the norm of Empire Flagellants for the PBS!

  2. I'm glad someone else had my idea as well. I painted up my Delaques also as a PBS/Penal legion squad, and I use them for either depending on what I feel like running. :)

  3. Looking good mate! I love those Dave Taylor conversions, they are just plain creepy!


  4. I've seen plenty of Flagellant-based PBS conversions, and though they may suit the grimdark 40K imperial ecclesiarch-influenced tone, I find the sleeker, meaner, and more business-like Delaque more fitting for my Cadian 512th army (can't have filthy peasantry beggars knocking about the Orbital Defence stations now can we?).

    The majority of my army is painted as per the 512th colour scheme, with vets, stormies, and other elites in black/dark grey tones. It was only natural my PBS ended up 'Matrix'-like with their trenchcoats, which again further ties in to the Starship Troopers (movie) psy division overtones.

  5. I echo your sediments on that there is plenty of Flagellant based PBS conversions. Kudos to you for breaking from the pack and stepping above it.

    Still laughing like silly little school girl from the picture of Brittany Spears. PRICELESS.

  6. Awesome - only two days ago I was outbid on a squad of Delaques for this exact same purpose - and yours are exactly the look I'm going for, too!

    Thanks for the (slightly retrospective) inspiration!

    - D.

  7. Psycho Britney FTW! Man, that made me laugh so hard :D

    If you want to add some real dynamic crazyness to them have a look at Heresy Miniatures "Trenchcoat Warriors"
    (scroll down)

  8. Great idea for PBS! I like the trench coat crew.