Saturday, 3 April 2010

Overcome That Stumbling Block

New month, new blog banner, and new blog colour scheme I'm trying out!
Hope it doesn't hurt too many eyes. That, and humble apologies in advance as all previous articles now look a bit funny colour font-wise with the new scheme.

Project Big Kahuna did have a bit of a stumbling block, but I have overcome! A rare visit to my local GW shop meant I managed to procure that which I lacked.

Image courtesy of, used without permission

A pot of Kommando Khaki was something I really, really needed. That, and the appropriate models for conversion into the projects ++censored++ squad, to be converted, re-primed and repainted for playtesting purposes, and to build up sizeable numbers to bulk up character concept models as well. Oh, and for images to pepper the document in the 'modelling section' of course.

But then, after much trying, this happened.


Now with paint, the correct bits and bobs for my conversion project, AND a squad to chop up and change, some real progress will now continue apace!

Watch this space


  1. Well, it's lovely and sunny!

    I cannae read the white script, though...

    By the way - I love the headswapped beret-trooper in the new banner!

  2. I know, apologies for the white script on all previous posts.

    Rather than going back and re-editing all previous posts, normal service will resume (a dark background) as a matter of course. Within a month! :-P

    The peaked-cap stormtrooper 'sergeant' of mine is one of my favourite models. Despite my previous post slagging off the points cost of Stormies, I love my stormy models (kasrkin & berets. But not the michelin men moontroopers!) and I'll be doing a post showing just that soon.