Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Get to da Choppa!

Hasta La Vista, baby!
Artwork © Games Workshop - Source: Imperial Guard Codex 2nd edition

Every child of the 80's I know of has been a big fan of Arnie, boys and girls alike. I am no exception. In fact, eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the new blog header, crafted lovingly in homage, or to ape, the Predator movie poster featuring the Governator himself.

So without further adieu I present one of my best-loved miniatures in my collection.
 When I saw this sad, forgotten and horrendously-painted 2nd-edition Catachan powerfist captain, with it's blazing orange flat-top haircut and terrible camouflage scheme on an unnamed price and item bidding website, I knew I had to have him, and I had to re-paint him. Anyone else ever get that feeling, when you see the model just for you, that you knew you just had to have, irrespective of army and gameplay style? I got that feeling with this model.

Oh, and beret-wearin' motherlovin' black-clad stormies. But that's another story. What were yours?

Now running him occassionally as a chimera-ridin' Power-fisted platoon commander for fluffy fun, or as Marbo for irony value, here are 360° images of what I feel is the apex of my painting abilities! (I can do no more, honest guv!)

Re-painted to fit into my Cadian 512th colour scheme, my Commando commander is fit and ready for action! All my 'elites' in my Cadian force eschew the codex grey and black colours for just black, baby, just black. The skin tone took me weeks to strip, then re-base the skin, wash, re-colour, wash again, highlight, wash again, etc, until I was happy with the result. To fake tan or not to fake tan (the manly Catachan), that is the question.

Pity his debut as Marbo left much to be desired as he fell to Marine scout bolter-fire.

But he'll be back!

Note: Model & artwork ©  Games Workshop, used without permission. Movie still "Predator" © 20th Century Fox, used without permission.

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  1. Marbo's a hit or miss thing mate, sometimes he'll blow chunks out of the enemy, and sometimes he'll blow huge chunks out of himself mate.