Monday, 3 November 2014

Vortex of Doom template

This is a quick A4-sized 'template' I had worked up featuring 3" blast 'vortex' templates, for use in games of Warhammer 40k.

The more eagle-eyed might spot the 'original' but now discontinued vortex image from 2nd edition set.

The idea is to use print this off at A4 size (international) which is 210mm x 297mm (careful not to hit 'fit page' which includes for printer margins, spray mount onto light card and cut out to suit.

Disclaimer here: I note that the images above are cobbled together from a search engine image search, and used totally without permission, not intended for sale or profit, purely for personal play aid only, all credit to the original creators of the above images, etc, etc.

My reason for making these?

I had recently purchased a limited edition apocalypse vortex grenade template off the bay of ecstacy, and there's been an upcoming tournament at the end of the month. I've also been testing out my new 7th edition Grey Knights codex and while crestfallen that much of 5th edition cheese, lists and tricks have been removed, I have since realised that with careful list-building one is able to reliably cast Vortex of Doom (a blast Destroyer-grade psychic power) in such a manner as to rebalance the scale tipped due to the profileration of D-weapons, Lords of War, Titans, Gargantuan Creatures, etc, in the new meta game of 40k.

Only recently tested my list out last week, by the end of turn 5 there were 3no. vortex grenade templates scattering randomly across the table causing all sorts of chaos for my opponent. Fun! But I had actually ran out of standard blast template markers and had to use beer mats and dice to represent these whirling vortices.

So I had me the idea of making my own similarly-sized templates that would look good on the tabletop, and assist me in future games so hey presto the above attachment is born.

On the first outing of rebooted 7th edition Grey Knights -"Vortex Delivery Special" against an Imperial First army (with no psykers or psychic defense), this is what damage the various Vortices inflicted:

2nd turn - Deepstrike, vortex cast and hits - I rolled a 6 on D-damage table. Imperial Bastion Fortification removed, and 3no. devastators killed by collapse of building.
3rd turn - Vortex cast and hits - I rolled a 5. Drop pod explodes, 2no. marines killed. Previous vortex scatters and kills remaining 2no. devastators from ruins of building.
4th turn - Vortex cast and hits - Lands direct on Lysander, I rolled a 1 so no effect. The original turn 2 vortex disappates.
5th turn - Vortex cast and hits - I rolled a 2, 2no. Thunderhammer / Stormshield terminators killed.

So looking forward to testing this list against other types of army in due course.