Friday, 14 March 2014

Cash-strapped 40K...

Sadly, at end of an era for Wednesday Night Gaming, as one of our members is electing to sell up his Chaos Space Marine and Ork collection and getting out of 40K altogether, with another thinking of disposing his Tyranids to refocus on his existing Tau / Ultramarine / Dark angel forces.

This has got me thinking, as the intention on my part is to purchase a Stormraven (as I quite like the model) but also the new Imperial Knight has caught my eye! I would certainly welcome an addition of a Knight Paladin/Errant to bolster my Grey Knight / Inquisition forces, the new freeblade "White Warden" looks like it would slot in perfectly! But I'm unwilling to part with the cash for a whole new army....

That been said, a new codex and 1no. single model as a detachment I'd be willing to part £100++ for, but no more! Will look into this perhaps for Xmas..

But in order to achieve this I have to be realistic. Gone are the days of the giddy 5th edition rush of me splurging monies on bits here and there, a tank here, model bits for conversions there, to sustain mine own interest in the game. One could even say with the introduction of 6th edition and the long play time and commitment required, it has caused Game Fatigue (tm) in my gaming group.

My own commitment to 40K has always been in the collecting, modellign and painting ide of things. i find it relaxing, and to get the occassional game in here and there is a bonus for me. Other members of Wednesday Night gaming ocus on fluff / black library stuff, and another focuses on the gaming, so we all individually enjoy different aspects of the 40K-verse, but sadly after 5 years of this perhaps our interests have been stretched too thinly and people do move on.

And 40K is a luxury hobby for people with luxury disposable income. It is just too expensive, even for a commited player like me who's played back in the 2nd edition days (previously dabbling in Ultramarines / Space Wolves/ Blood Angels / Orks / Imperial Guard) , stopped, relapsed back into 5th edition, and now owns 3no. armies (Imperial Guard, Inquisitorial Daemonhunters, Grey Knights).

As a result I'm looking into offloading elements of my existing guard army to free up storage space, generate cash, and just keep that which I still like/love/use and wish to own, also would keep the missus happy!

Also: Wedding + Honeymoon to Pay For.  Sorry 40K, me cannot afford no more.

So watch out Ecstasy Bay! Lucky readers might spot my long suffering Ogryn conversions, masses and masses of rush-painted infantry, Orlock Gangers, kitbashed Xeno-rough riders, some tanks and Chimeras, and dozens upon dozens of metal & plastic miniatures I no longer desire to keep in my collection but would be happy to re-house to a different, loving owner in the (very) near future.

to be continued...


  1. I did find myself thinking the other day, 'I wonder how much I could make on ebay for my Guard army...?'

  2. I know what you mean!

    I myself am looking to get rid elements of my Guard I no longer play with or desire to utilise (I have plenty of side 'projects' often started but never completed, sad to see them go but realistically they could go elsewhere to a good home).

    It probably won't make much but at least I'll be clearing out some space for new stuff in future, once my monies get back to where they should be! :)