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Chaos Reloaded
Greetings readers, welcome to an ultra-mini batrep featuring the very first battle against the new Chaos Codex! Our resident Chaos CSM player Doug rubbed his hands in glee when he arrived with a 1K list worth of new Chaos toys, I offered to challenge him with my recently-victorious and tweaked  ‘Thawnwing’ list.

Here were our armies:

Inquisitor Lord – Terminator armour, Psycannon, Daemonhammer
1no. 10men Terminator Squad – Halberds, 2no. Hammers, 2no. Psycannons, Psybolt Ammo, Thawn-upgrade, master-crafted bolter & halberd
1no. 5men Terminator Squad – Halberds, Hammer, Psycannon
1no. Dreadknight – Doomfists (replacing the Vindicare. I fancied an all-Terminator army list. Classic Grey Knights flava!)

Daemon Prince – Power Armour, Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Psychic Shriek
1no. 6men Chaos Space Marine Squad – Bolters, pistols, c.c. weapon, melta gun, Veterans of the Long War upgrade, Rhino dedicated transport, daemonic upgrade.
1no. 10men Cultist squad
1no. 10men Cultist squad
1no. 10men Cultist squad

1no. 10men Raptor Squad – pistols, c.c weapons, melta gun

1no. Maulerfiend – 2no. Ectoplasma cannons

An interesting list where Doug planned to used his Cultist troops to grab and hold Objectives, with his Maulerfiend intending to pin me down with Ap2 weaponry, basic MEQ’s for flexibility and a Daemon Prince to dominate with air support.

So what happened?

The Grey Knights won, by a margin of 12 Victory Points to zero.

How did this happen?


We roll off and the mission chosen was Purge the Alien (Killpoints!), with the setup being Hammer & Anvil (long table edges). Not an ideal start for Doug as I then proceed to block the 10men squad with the Inq. Lord, forming a super squad. and for kill/victory point denial.
Doug’s Daemon Prince rolls off on his own Warlord & Boon table and manages to increase +1 to his Attack characteristic. I roll and my Inquisitor gets ‘Legendary Fighter’, giving me an extra Victory Point per character slain in a challenge.
Grey Knights deployed and ready!
The game started off well with Doug as on his first turn he gets the Daemon Prince in swooping mode, and tries to Psychic Shriek some termies off, failing to do so with a poor 3D6 roll to his power (all this despite my 4+ Deny the Witch roll failing. Thanks Mastery-Level 2 Thawn).
As his army surges forward and the Grey Knights dig in, Doug fancies his chances by pitting the Daemon Prince against the dreadknight. ‘Why not?’ we thought.
The Prince does well, wounding the Dreadknight down to it’s last wound. Dreadknight smacks back with his Doomfist and succeeds with the Nemesis Force weapon activate roll, instant-gibbing the Daemon Prince.

What, NO Eternal Warrior? Not even a Deny the Witch save against ‘Force’? (Answer: Nope)
Cue: Accusations of Grey Knight cheesy douchebaggery, despite over a year of the GK’s having been in existence. Still, Grey Knight dominance over anything with Daemons in it's statline is one that I do indeed appreciate!
The game then quickly proceeds downhill from there for Doug, with my Grey Knights steamrolling over everything else he’s got. Psybolt ammo and weight of fire minnow down his MEQs. The Dreadknight takes out the Maulerfiend (it didn’t help it was down to it’s last Hull Point as Doug on account of a failed Gets Hot! Roll and Daemon Siege rule going south for him), and the Cultists get walked over, made worse by their new ‘Must Always Challenge’ rule interacting with my Inquisitor Lord’s Legendary Fighter rule, along with his Daemon Hammer. Splat!
Proxy wars: A carnifex for the Maulerfiend, an Eldar Avatar for the Daemonprince, and my Imperial Guardsmen for Cultists.

On a positive note, the Maulerfiends Ectoplasma did take out at least 3 Termies, and the cultists fire manage to kill 2, one of which was Thawn (who did come back on the 5th turn to try to Krak grenade a Rhino).
By my 5th turn Doug was completely tabled, with his last unit on the board (Rhino) pulped by the Dreadknight.
Scores as follows: For me, 1 VP for First Blood, 1 VP Slay the Warlord, 2 VPs from Legendary Fighter and 8 VPs from each unit killed, for a total of 12 VPs. Doug *may* have gotten a VP if he managed to slay Thawn the second time when he came back, or another if he managed to finish off my Dreadknight’s last wound.
A depressing first outing for the new Chaos Space Marine codex, the first 6th edition codex against an extremely powerful codex (some will say OP’ed) from a previous edition.
However, do not fear Fans of Chaos! Doug has requested a total rematch where I bring my identical list against one more tailored against Terminators, Chaos-designed to stand up against the onslaught of GK Terminators. Bring it on I say!

To be continued...

Disclaimer: Pictures used without permission

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