Monday, 13 August 2012

Draigo - An alternative model?

In the last game of the dying gasp of 5th edition, I took to the field of battle with Draigo and his ChuckNorris-wing Paladins in a mega apocalypse battle, where they tore through their enemies like a hot knife to butter. In this instance I used my Mordrak model as a counts-as Draigo, and I must admit I like the taste of it. I must have. I must have Draigo!

But what to do, when I detest the finecast model absolutely so? I'm not a fan of the pose, the 'look' and feel of the model, and the overly busy aesthetic of the model covered in chains, pennants, seals, writing, etc. I know Draigo has to look suitably impressive for the Eternal Grandmaster of the ass-kickin' Grey Knight chapter, but I prefer my models looking a little bit more graceful.

Fortunately there seems to be quite a few 'alternative' model suppliers lying around, and having found that Polish company Scibor Monstrous miniatures do a mean "Templar SF Knight", I picked myself up one of these little beauties for a counts-as Draigo.

I've been pretty pleased with the model as it arrived through the post, well-packaged. It is an impressively detailed model, a real bang-for-your-pound showpiece.

The resin material seems a little softer than that of Finecast, but the model separates at the sword, shield arm and is not attached to the very nice-looking base, so an element of 'Pinning' will be required for a stronger bond. Fortunately this has been easy to do because of the material, so putting the model together can be a rewarding experience, and I'll post some photos soon of the result before I start base-coating and painting said miniature.

To me the above miniature is suitably impressive and majestic and I'm really looking forward to painting it up in the same colour scheme as the rest of my Grey Knights.

Note: Images above used without permission.

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