Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Better to die than live a coward - Gurkha saying
Further to my last post, here are the initial mock-ups of my counts-as Gurkha conversions, using the assembled kit of parts (dark elf daggers, cadian bodies, Catachan vox backpacks, some alien suns arms, and maxmini Anzac heads). I think they’re looking pretty sweet!

Getting the Kukri knife to look right as a big concern of mine, but the curved darkling daggers has that right look I feel, as seen hanging on the backpacks . I know the shape isn’t right at all, but the curved, otherworldly and menacing form is the intention here.

Obviously I had concerns on how to achieve an ‘unsheathed’ Kukri-blade, but I hit upon the idea of using a chopped part of a Dark Elf Cold One rider helmet (as seen held by the model to left of photograph. I have a ton of Cold One rider parts from an old Xeno-rough rider project I have yet to finish... One day!) as the infamous knife, which obviously doesn’t resemble the Dark Elf daggers shape-wise, they are in fact a little bigger, but who cares! I am pleased with the result!
Can’t wait to assemble them all and paint them up!

To be continued.

NOTE: All images used without permission.


  1. They look good my man. Nice job and I think the Cadian body's are just right.

    Have you thought of using green stuff or plasti card for the daggers? If you want to grt the right look. But I think they look good as they are and will give everyone the right Idea of what you are achiving. Cant wait to see the end product.

  2. Thanks for the compliments Dave! I agree, the Cadian bodies really suit the Anzac heads. Maybe you'll be thinking of working up a Gurkha contingent to go along with your Praetorians? :)

    I had considered green stuff or plasticard (the last time I did green stuff was with a prototype squad making knee & elbow pads) but have been pretty unsuccessful at replicating the same quality over and over again. You can say I make a unique sculpt each and every time!

    I've found the re-tooling method (chopping and changing an existing part instead of making a new one from scratch) works better for me, so wait and see!

  3. I'm thinking of doing a small elite Commando sniper unit using parts from Maximini and Empress minatures that I purchased some time ago.

    But they will have to wait for a little while as I have other stuff to do first on the painting table.

  4. There's always loads of stuff to do 'first' in my table! Ogryns, roughriders, IG jeeps, etc. I've 2 plastic stormtrooper projects that I've earmarked to complete after I finish the Gurkhas.

    Speaking of which, I've modelled a few more, only 2 to do left. Will post photos soon.

  5. Look forward to seeing your end product I'm sure they will turn out really nice along with your other stuff.