Monday, 18 July 2011

Clementine Convict Cadres Complete!

A follow-up to my previous post, I’ve finally completed my 3no. squads of Penal Legionnaires. I know Orange uniforms have been an utter b*stard to paint, but am happy with the results despite the slapdash approach, and have had great fun testing them out in small (750 point) games against Tau and Chaos Space Marines.

Highlights include consistently running roughshod over Tau Firewarriors in assault (not many people get to say that about Guard!), killing a Daemon Prince (after 3 full turns of combat, the sole survivor being my Overseer), and losing a whole squad from taking a single casualty after charging a Broadside, not their finest moment! Lesson learnt from Penal Legion? Results May Vary with Hilarity.
Whether or not I’ll take them in more serious, competitively fine-tuned lists remains to be seen, but I have been delighted at their overall performance and fun factor whenever I bring them into more relaxed battles (e.g. their next appearance on the table will probably involve a mass-assault-themed army, with Straken, Ogryns & combo platoons for hilarity), and they have been a real joy to model and play. A real credit of a unit to the Imperial Guard codex and a must-try to all IG players everywhere!
Here are some photos, see if you can guess the breakdown of the individual headswaps for each Legionairre! (answers below):

Squad One

Squad Two

Squad Three


Squad One (l to r): Empire Flagellant, Bretonnian Knight, standard Catachan, Dark Elf Cold One rider, Cadian Command Squad, Bretonnian Bowmen,  Catachan Command, Bretonnian Men At Arms, Empire Flagellant, Alien Suns Cthulu-head.
Squad Two (l to r): Vampire Counts Ghoul/Zombie (?), standard Catachan, Cadian Command, standard Catachan, Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard, Empire Flagellant, Vampire Counts Ghoul /Zombie(?), Bretonnian Artillery (?), Bretonnian Bowmen.
Squad Three (l to r): Alien Suns facemask trooper, Alien Suns gasmask trooper, Alien Suns damaged masked mutant, Bretonnian Artillery (?), Alien Suns topknot mutant, Pig Iron Kolony HQ, Catachan Command, Empire Flagellant, Cadian Command, Alien Suns masked mutant.

Note: (?) denotes "origin unsure". Anyone care to help identify these ambiguous heads?

Thanks to the following websites for their bitz and assistance! Bitz box, Let The Dice Decide & Wargamers World!


  1. Alien Suns heads FTW! I might have to steal the idea for some of my own PL.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Took a look at your Alien Suns / wargames factory trooper conversions (love the hotshot lasgun/shotgun conversion you did), they're ace!

    For some reason I've got me a hankering for working up some Cthulu-headed stormtroopers with my leftover bitz, maybe for my next project. Hmm...

  3. Dude they look really outstanding, the variety in the models sells the whole look!


  4. Thanks! The Alien Suns kits are great conversion fodder when mixed/matched with GW bits and various heads out there. Great potential for unique models.